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Janelle has gone out of her way from the very first day I contacted her to answer any and all questions I have had. I was worried about weather or not she would travel for our wedding, and if so what the cost might be. She informed me that she was more than willing to make the trip to North Florida and at a very reasonable cost. Janelle and I have emailed each other tons of times reguarding engagement photo shoot locations, outfits to wear, timing so the pictures would be just right, and more. She is always quick to respond and really goes out of her way to help in any way she can. We traveled to Okeechobee for our engagement shoot, and it was more than I could ever ask for. Janelle is incredibly talented, so creative, and very personable. Our shoot went by with ease, thanks to her, and the results were AMAZING. Everyone who has seen them has told us how talented our photographer is, and how perfect our pictures are; I couldn't agree more! I am excited to see the results from our wedding as I know she will capture those moments that we will cherish forever. She has a way of taking the perfect picture, but outside of the traditional poses you so often see. Thank you Janelle for everything so far, we cannot wait for the wedding!-Katrina & Troy

All you Seniors, and Parents! If you are shopping for a photographer I highly recommend Janelle. I LOVE every picture she took. We did the photos on a hot sunday evening, and the very next day they are already edited and ready for online ordering. I highly recommend her, and anyone who knows me, knows how picky I am. Bryan loved her, he said she was very comfortable, and easy to work with. Thank you, Janelle. They are exactly what I was looking for and more. -Tuesday Palmer Stokes

Janelle is a wonderful photographer! She makes you feel comfortable on set, she is always smiling. I love how she always knows how to position your body to make the perfect picture! Janelle is always willing to scale Mt.Everest to snap photos if you ask her to. She also shows you online previews THAT DAY! I highly recommend Janelle. Her prices are affordable, she's fun, and very easy to work with! -Jessica Marie Medina

Janelle might as well wear a beret and grab a paintbrush. Her photographer is honestly a work of art. Shooting with Janelle is not only fun, but she keeps things comfortable, and always gets your input. I would reccommend Janelle to anyone looking for beautiful and impressive pictures, she is great! -Katelyn Stuart

I'm going on my third shoot with Janelle, and my experience has been outstanding. She is an extremely talented individual, with a true gift for photography. I was nervous for my first shoot because I wasn't sure what to wear, or how to pose but she worked through all of that. While incorporating her vision, along with my styles and interests. Her wonderful personality makes the experiance all the more comfortable and enjoyable. Another thing I love about Janelle is that she is willing to step outside the box. Her photography is captivating and inspiring. I am so glad I was introduced to her, and her creative and unique work. Janelle is a great person, and an outstanding photographer. -Stephanie Plateroti

Janelle is such an amazing, and professional photographer. I can't think of anything wrong about her work. She will work with what you are comfortable with and won't force you to do anything you don't want to. She knows what she's doing and knows how to put her talents to work. She is such a beautiful person inside, and out.Her passion for photography shines when she's at work, and I think her photos are a testiment to that. It is such a privilege and an honor to model for her. -Kristine Ibay

I recently had my pictures done, and it was a very fun and laid back experiance. I truely enjoyed myself! I did a backdrop shoot for one hour with three diffrent outfits, and I had PLENTY of pictures to chose from. The ordering process was simple, and getting the pictures was easy as well. Janelle tries her best to satisfy the customer, and I was completely satisfied! -Kayla Diane Stokes

Janelle is an amazing photographer, with great potential. She is very creative, and is up for anything. She is very patient with people who are not used to being photographed professionally. I enjoyed my photoshoot with her, and im very excited to some more with her in the future. -Farah Elhindi

My experiance with Janelle was just amazing. She has a passion, and great talent of taking photos. Everyone in my family were very pleased with the way my senior session turned out. Every picture seemed to tell a story. Working with Janelle was such a delight, she was very comfortable, very nice, and makes everything worth it in the end! -Elisabeth Garduno

Thank you so much for the opportunity to express our appreciation for your work. There is no doubt that the photograph you chose benefitted our promotional material and helped to put a personal touch to our ad. The shoot was most professionally carried out and we appreciate the input of the person behind the lens. -Carl & Phyllis Shumate The Alarm Company of Okeechobee, Inc.

Janelle is a sweetheart with meanungful talent. Words cannot describe how incredibly talented she is. We just had our engagement photos done by her, and we are completly obsessed of how beautiful the photos have turned out. We are going to look back on our photos years from now into our marriage with such pride in her work. She is able to capture our personalities and the love that we have for each other. (as well as the love that Janelles has in her own work) in such great detail into just one photo, is amazing! We have not known Janelle before our shoot, but she made us so comfortable. She had us just relax, and have fun as she took our photos. She is just a sweetheart! We are very proud of our photos that she has done for us. Her work is utterly amazing and came out far beyond what we were expecting! She is an artist, who herself, is a work of art.Thanks so much, Janelle! With all our love,-Thea Tunac and Jed Deocampo

Janelle is not only the most personable girl, but also the most talented. Her work is so thorough, and for such reasonable prices, if not underpaid. Her ideas are so fresh, she makes your shoot personal. She will go to any lenghts, she finds your vision, but streamlines it to insure that it translates into great photos. I have never met Janelle before she did my pictures, but she made me feel completly comfortable around her. I also like that she helped me loosen up, and have fun with my pictures. She is so excellent, I will reccomend her to everyone. If she is taking your pictures, you are in for such an exciting experiance. If you are looking to have your pictures taken in a unique, and breathtaking way, consider your search over. She is the best by far. - Kaylee Davis

As a photographer myself, I love Janelle's work! Her creativity and passion reflect in every single shot. She was my wedding photographer, and did such an amazing job. She also photographed my son just five days after he was born, and everytime I show off the pictures (Which I do, Alot!) I get reactions comparing to Anne Geddes, and other World renowned photographers. She has what it takes, people. . .get a good look!- Jessie Ann Langdale

I am so lucky that my co-worker recommended a photographer with such amazing talent, and a kind heart. Our families will be ale to enjoy these photos the rest of our lives! Thank you Janelle for doing such a wonderful job on our wedding photos! Your a very talented artist, with a modest price.- Jenny & Jared Maynor

Janelle absolutlely saved my wedding day! When my photographer canceled last minuete, I was able to book Janelle. She not only took the job last minute, but also gave us a great deal. She took the most amazing photographs I have ever seen! I belive she does such a wonderful job because she obviously loves what she does. She is so excited and passionate about her work. I am so glad she was my photographer for one of the most important days of our lives. She was so thorough, there won't be a single memory ill forget! Words cannot describe how thrilled I am with Janelle's work. She is amazing, and so easy to work with! I would definitely recommend Janelle for any event! - Lindsay & Leaf

I went to Janelle beacuse I didn't want the usual Sears, or department store photos. I wanted something that would show my daughter's personality. She is only 7 once and I wanted to capture that, Janelle definitely did. She was very professional yet young enough to bring the freshness, and ideas I was looking for! When I recieved my prints, they were beyond what I was expecting; the colors, and the poses that she took were just amazing. I will never have pictures taken again at a department store, or anywhere else for that matter. My business will go directly to Janelle. I'm looking forward to many yearsof capturing our precious family photos! Thanks again, and again!- Savannah Yates

Janelle is a wonderful person, and completly gifted in photography. My family hired her in 2008 for Senior pictures, and recently again for some family portraits. She's not just another photographer. . . she is professional, personable, and there's excellent quality in her service and work. She's a girl who risked alot for her profesion that she is passionate for, and she has succeded. - Joleyne Skeen

My experiance with Janelle was great. I never once felt self-consious about the shoot. Janelle is very professional in her work, but also has a way about her that makes it a comfortable experiance. She was open to my own ideas, and I wouldnt change the experiance. I was stunned to see the final product. Her editing really enhanced the images without dominating them. Overall, I would absolutly recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer for any occasion! -Erin Tewksbury

All I can say is Wow! It is incrediable to see someone so young do such an amazing, unique, and professional work! Janelle is a fun, sweet person, who takes her craft more seriously than most other photographers do. You can tell she has made alot of sacrifices for her work, she is very passionate about what she loves. She will work hard to give you a product your excited about. She took photos for my boyfriends piano album cover, and he is not an easy guy to work with. She was very patiant with him, suggesting poses, and tring to get really natural shots. She even threw me in there to take some cute couple poses for fun. It was a great experiance, and the pictures turned out so astounding! She is also veru profesional in getting photos done effciently in a short amount of time. I recomend her if you want unique, high quality photos to come out of it! - Zophy Martinez

Janelle has a gift for what she does with photography. She is so passionate about it, which results in amazing photos! During the shoot I booked, she was very pataint. She helped alot with giving me direction in how to pose. Her pictures are absolutley beautiful, I can tell she devotes all of her time into making them perfect! I can see her going real big in the photography industry, and being well known for her work one day! I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone, for any event. Her work is beyond expectation! - Brittney Carrier

Janelle is an awesome photographer. I wanted to surprise my Aunt with pictures of her children for her Birthday. Janelle was able to set up a shoot on very short notice, and at a great price. She was great with the young children who can be difficult to photograph. The pictures turned out absolutely amazing, and my Aunt had the best Birthday gift ever! I recommend her to everyone!- Erica Pope

Ive known of Janelle and her photography for a few years now. I watched and admired her work from afar as she photographed alot of people I know. Recently I was looking at Janelle's website, and noticed some photos she did of my sister, I was truely amazed. I contacted Janelle, and on very short notice, we set up a shoot on the beach. She was very polite, and profesional! She made me feel very comfortable, and helped greatly in directing my poses, because I am sure no model! I had a great time working with Janelle, and I am very glad that I was given the opratunity. I would recommend her to everyone I know! - Shannon Lawrence

Janelle is absolutely amazing! I researched places and prices to get photos done of my little girl before she was all grown up. Everywhere I looked it was the same old pictures for a very expensive price. I wanted to capture pictures of my princess in the moment, and Janelle's fabulous work did more than my mind could imagine. She was so patiant, and sweet. She went above and beyond, taking her time while working with a one year old to get the perfect shot. She is truely a one of a kind artist. The price she charged me was wonderful, if anything she is underpaid for the priceless work she does. I will never use another photographer again. I love her work and her creativeness she brings to every shoot. Thank you Janelle for not only taking pictures of my princess, but for capturing memories I will never forget, you are such a talented, and amazing artist. Anyone can take pictures, but Janelle captures memories. -Shawna Tindall

Janelle's professionalism is above reproach. She was able to capture my creativity, in addition to her own. The outcome is flawless! Every photo possessed a diffrent charateristic, the experiance was not akward, but comfortable. The posing suggestions she gave me were great, and I was amazed at how nicely everything flowed together. From changing of backround color, to changing outfits, I was appreciative of Janelle's ability to provide exceptional service. I love my photos, and cannot thank her enough! -Emily Grace Peterson

Janelle did such an awesome job with our photoshoot. She made us feel comfortable, and was really patiant with our six week old son! She is really great at what she does, and I look forward to many more shoots with her!- Amanda Liscomb

Earlier in Janelle's Career, she was kind enough to do my senior portraits for my high school graduation. Through her vision, and talet, Janelle was able to give me a great experiance, and pictures that everyone in my family enjoyed. Even four years later I still recieve compliments for those same photos! Thank you!- Rosalinda Torres

Prior to my shoot, I had seen and admired Janelle's photographs. While coming home for a weekend visit, my best friend came up with an idea to get some pictures taken together. Janelle accepted with just a day's notice, and most photographers would not even consider that! The shoot was completly laid back and comfortable. The pictures were posted online far quicker than expected. We were so impressed with the results! She is professional, but fun! I would reccomend her to anyone I know, and will defiantly use her services again in the future. - Jessie Carr

I have known Janelle for a very long time, and have had many photoshoots with her. With each one, the outcome is better and better! She pays attention to what you like, what your looking for, and the best situations for you. She pays attention to your features, what is your best angle, and what you are most comfortable with doing. The best part about Janelle, is that she is so outgoing and clever. She is willing to, and will find a way to do any type of shoot at any given location. I have been with her in abandoned buildings, old railroad cars, public neighborhoods, and with our last shoot. . . underwater. She makes it a point to ask you what you want, and finds the perfect location for you. Another great thing about her is how friendly, and fun she makes the shoot. She does not make you feel forced, instead very comfortable. I would recommend her as a photographer to anyone. What ever your looking to get done, she has definitly proved to me over the years that she can do it all, and do it very extraordinary! -Nikki Lawrence

Janelle did such a great job with my photoshoot. Her and her assistant made me feel comfortable, and we had alot of fun. If we did not have to move, I would of had pictures taken of my family as well. Thank you for such a wonderful turnout!- Nina Tyler.

The first time I saw Janelle's work, I was very impressed. I just loved her artistic view of the world. I knew right away she was no ordinary photographer. This girl has so much talent, I just knew I had to get my portraits done by her. They turned out better than I could have ever imagined. They have to be the absolute best I have ever taken. Janelle made me feel so comfortable, I have recommended her to everyone I know. I will be getting family photos done next, and I can't wait! - Mary Bullington

I'm spechless when it comes to Janelle, I've known her since the third grade. I have seen her creativity grow from coloring in the lines, to drawing her own and beyond. What she does is simply amazing, and is very talented, and imaginative! - Matthew Pitt

Janelle is an amazing photographer, everyday I am amazed at the pictures she takes. With every photoshoot, she takes my breath away. With every shoot I have with Janelle, the photos are always unbelievable. In my pictures it was not what everyone else wanted me to be, it was me. Janelle was able to portray Amanda Lynn in every one of those pictures without even trying. She always just happens to capture that photo in the moment, and it makes for an amazing outcome, everytime. She just keeps getting better, and one day she is going to go really far. I can't wait to see her fufill her dreams. - Amanda Heil

Having the privilege of working with Janelle, both as a model and assistant, has been a fantastic experiance. She has the vision of a true artist, the drive to take on any challenge. The knowledge bast to execute shots with precision, and the heart to give everything she works on, its own life. From the point of a model, she has the tender touch, and vision to make the best and most spectacular aspects come out. There is not anything she won't do to get that perfect shot that will impress anyone who see's it. As her assitant I got to see all of this repeatedly and consistently. She is steadily striving to better her already wonderful talent to capture those perfect moments. Rather than keeping her poses simple and easy, she is willing to push the boundaries of equiptment, herself, and the imagination others. She will make her customers happy, no matter what. -Matthew M Mckuhen

Janelle has a natural talent for photography. She not only knows how to take beautiful photos, but knows how to make you feel beautiful as well. I met Janelle for the first time on our shoot, and I could tell right away she has what it takes to make an extrodinary career out of photography. Her endless passion, her devotion to make everything perfect, and her creativity in each shoot make it a wonderful experiance. Even if you are not a photogenic person, Janelle always knows how to make the experiance comfortable, and fun. I would highly recommend Janelle to anyone looking for professional quality pictures, and an enjoyable experiance they will always remeber! -Megan Whipple

Janelle is very talented, professional, and hard working. I have had my pictures taken by her since 2006, and every one of my experiances with her has been nothing short of great! She will make sure she captures every moment, and give you fantastic result! She is very passionate about her work, and goes the extra mile to make sure you are happy with the end product. Janelle always makes the enviroment comfortable, and never makes you feel self - conscious about anything. Her editing with pictures is outstanding, and she never fails to amaze me. I will always work with Janelle, and I would recommend her to anyone I know, for any occasion. -Kristi Reed

I have never really had any kind of photoshoot done before Janelle. She was my first, and my experiance was simply amazing. She made me feel comfortable, and at ease during the whole shoot which helped me to be more photogenic. I had fun throughout the whole shoot. Her ideas are fresh, creative, stylish, and totally original. The editing she does is fabulous! I am in love with every shot that she took, they all came out so beautiful! Janell has incredible talent, and I honestly won't go anywhere else for profesional photography.-Ashley Childers

I was fortunate enought to have found Janelle, then I looked at her pictures and I really liked how each of her pictures told a story. Then I knew that I wanted to book a shoot with her. The shoot was fun, and exciting! Janelle is very sweet, positive, patiant, and outgoing; factors that all great photographers must posses. Not only did I have a graduation shoot with her, but she also created the best graduation annoucements ive ever seen! I have gotten really good feedback from all of the recipients. I would recommend her to anyone who wants their precious moments captured, and a beautiful story told. - Rubi Prieto