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How much do you charge for your Wedding coverage?
-Our photography packages start at $2,500, and our videography coverage starts at $1,800. Our combined packages start at $3,000. We can email you all of our prices directly, simply contact us here and we will send you all of our info in 24-48 hours!

Can I book your team for Photography, and another team for Videography?
-We do not work on capturing anyone’s Wedding day with any competing business in photography or videography at the same time. We offer both of these services not only to have a cohesive look to the day, but to deliver you the best product without having unnecessary moments blocked trying to compete for the best angles, conflicting time in portraits, and different lighting ideas. Our team has worked together for so long we know where to be, and how to work together and stay out of each other’s shots without being obtrusive.

When should we book our Wedding?

-I recommend to book with us between 8-12 month’s before your Wedding date. Although we have had certain situations in the past where we accommodated last minute bookings. Since we do bring a lot of equipment and frequently rent extra pieces to keep our outcome unique, we cannot take on any requests for 4 weeks or less before the date.

Do you offer any previews with your service?

-Absolutely, I love keeping my client’s up to date with how the editing process is going. Normally we will upload your first photo preview within the first 24-48 hours of your wedding date, and your first videography teaser within 2-3 weeks. We upload these onto our fanpage on Facebook. Once the editing has begun I will keep you updated with up to 20-40 preview’s before the link into your entire outcome is ready. For any booking exceeding $3,000 total, I will be sending you the private proofing gallery link early and notify you when the prep, ceremony, portraits, and reception sections are done. This will allow you to see the entire outcome in four sections, right when they are finished being edited.

What is your turnaround time for Photoshoots & Weddings?
- Every booking will vary depending on shooting circumstances. A normal photography wedding coverage will be finished in about 2-3 weeks, videography wedding coverage (depending on what’s included in your package) will have the 2-3 min teaser ready in 2-3 week’s, and a full 4-6 min highlight film in 5-6 week’s.

Is there a required retainer?
-Yes, a 30% non refundable retainer is required to reserve your date with us

Can we write in a request for a custom package?
-Of course! We would be more than happy to get you the perfect deal with exactly what you want included. Shoot us an email and we would be happy to discuss more specifics with you!

Do you photograph elopements?
-We love photographing elopements!

Why do I not receive a full resolution USB with my booking so I can print myself?
-Most packages do not include a printing USB (although this is available for purchase after the wedding) for a reason. There is a huge difference between professional printers, and most of the printers that clients would typically use. Our main goal is to deliver you an extremely high quality outcome from start to finish, and printing is a crucial part of this process. This is why we offer print credits so you can pick out exactly what you need on our store and we can ensure you are getting your images in the best form possible. We also fully understand that USB’s are desired for certain clients so we do offer this as a product after the wedding. Depending on the outcome this cost varies from $3-$5 per photo when buying the finished outcome. (Certain packages also offer an additional USB credit as well.)

What makes your work different from other photographers?
-I feel like our lighting, attention to detail, and post processing is a few things that make our work different from others. We hope to attract clients that are looking for a team of experienced artists to come in and cover your day in a dramatic way. We love natural light, but we bring a lot of extra lighting as well to get those moody, deep toned shots that are reflected in our style.

How many photographers/videographers will be at our wedding with my booking?
-Your package will state the exact number, however normally it is either one photographer/videographer, or three of us all covering videography/photography throughout the day simultaneously.

How experienced is your team?
-With over ten years of shooting weddings, our team is highly experienced to take on any moment. We are also always looking for ways to elevate our style on a consistent basis. Whether it be from out of state workshops with our idols in the business, online workshops, or one of our many personal adventures we take capturing events in our spare time, we are always looking for new ways to grow and learn.

Do you deliver every image your team shoots?
No, it would be difficult to find a professional who would offer this. We take many, many images and videos during our time together on your wedding day. It is part of our service to look through these meticulously and pick out every moment correctly to fit what we envisioned for the day.

Can I get the Original Unedited files of my wedding?
We will never offer this option on any service, so much time is put into our vision that we pride ourselves on the outcome and from start to finish. We shoot in RAW as well, and this is not a typical file that an ordinary client would be experienced in dealing with (for example, as opposed to a file like .jpeg that is offered with a USB full resolution printing purchase.)

Do you offer Videography services?
We do! We absolutely love video coverage and we have packages offering both photography and videography to save money!

What does your videography package include?
This can vary depending on the option you choose, but most of our packages include two videographers, all rentals, and the editing time for a 2-3 min teaser. Some packages also include a 5-7 min highlight film, and other video credits to use on any extra video purchase.

What type of “extra video edits” do you offer?
We offer teasers, highlight reels, separate full sections of the day (like prep, ceremony, portraits, and reception), and also a full day edit. We can send you example videos to any section or a full day turnout video. These can range from 10-40 mins of finished film per separate sections of the day, and anywhere from 50-90 mins for a full day.

How long do "extra video edits" take to finish?
This can depend on the time of the order. If we are not too heavily under deadline’s each section of video can take up to 2-3 weeks to finish. A full video outcome will take about 5-6 week’s total of editing time to complete.

What type of timeline can I expect with the portrait section of the day?
Normally we will start with family portraits for about twenty mins, then wedding party portraits for twenty mins, and we like to save at least another 20 mins with just the bride and the groom alone. Each group can leave to enjoy the reception after they are finished posing in the pictures, this will help to keep a stress free environment to your portraits to get the best outcome possible.

What time should I make my ceremony start to leave ample time for portraits?
I recommend to research the sunset times on the date of your wedding. Take away the expected time for the ceremony, and another 70 mins for portraits and use this as your guideline.

Have you shot at my venue before?
We have worked at a ton of venues, however if we have not been to the destination of your wedding we will be prepared to show up plenty early on the day of to get a great feel to capture your day perfectly.

Where are you based?
We are based in South Florida

Do you offer coverage for destination weddings?
We love destination weddings and would be ecstatic to talk more about your day with you.

What additional fee’s are required for an out of state “destination wedding”?
Unless the package requires 3 of us, we charge for two plane tickets, two day rental car fee, and two nights in a hotel with one room. Once we know more on the exact location, and date we can give you a direct quote.

What type of equipment do you use to achieve your final outcome?
We shoot with a range of products to make our ideas come to life. We mainly use top of the line Canon DSLR’s, and a long line of lenses that change depending on the moment being captured. We use different stabilizers’, and optional drone use for video coverage. We also love to bring in external lighting, as well as using available light in a creative way.

Do you provide partial day coverage?
The lowest coverage package we offer is around 6 hours long, we cannot make any custom packages less than this amount on a weekend date unless the budget meets our lowest package at $2,500 in additional add-on products.

Do you only shoot Weddings & Engagements?
We normally book Weddings now, however with certain specific requests we will still photograph portraits. I love to shoot in unique locations with out of the ordinary ideas, in particular I enjoy getting model portfolio, high school seniors, and couple requests.

Do you shoot other events, or birthday parties? What do you charge?
We do have small event options that I would be happy to email your way! Our prices start at $500 for photography, $500 for videography, and $800 for combined coverage packages. (each varying in additional products included in your fee!)